What is WordPress?

What is WordPress?

Simply put, WordPress is the easiest most popular way to create your blog or website – it powers over 37% of ALL the sites on the Internet. The dashboard under the admin section allows for any site owner to easily log in and add / edit new or existing pages and blog posts to their website easily without the need for an expensive web developer to perform simple tasks on their behalf.

As you can see from the image above, the layout of the WordPress dashboard is simple and easy to use. The menu down the right allows you to access all the different sections. One of the main things people get confused with is the difference between a Page and a Post.

By default the main difference is:

  • a Blog Post will have a date and time and be sorted by date on the blog page.
  • a Page will not be date and time-sensitive so does not have a date stamp as to when it was published

Having said this, you can create blog posts that do have the date hidden if you wished. The best thing about WordPress is how customizable it can be. You can add various different plugins to add different functionality to WordPress (could be a behind the scenes SEO plugin, or a contact form plugin allowing users to easily contact you).

Under the Appearance Menu you can find a Themes option allowing you to look at various different layouts and colour schemes you could use to change the look of your website.

The themes displayed here are all free – however some sites such as ThemeForest or Template Monster offer a wider choice of premium themes which are paid for.

I would recommend installing a Maintenance Mode plugin (for example one found here – https://wordpress.org/plugins/maintenance/) This will allow you to turn on a Maintenance Page while you play around and edit your site. Once this is turned off your site will be live for the public to see, but turning it back on hides your site again if any changes need to be made.

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