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Getting started…

As with any website, the first thing you need is a solid plan of what you want to achieve

When looking to build a website, you will need to research what you want the website to be about and where you would like the files to be hosted (I personally recommend Siteground – amazingly fast hosting and Google actually uses load time as a ranking factor).

Once you have decided what the website is about and where you want it to be ‘stored’ – you need to come up with a name for the site. The name can either be an exact match domain (EMD) – so it contains the exact keywords you wish to rank for, a brandable domain name, or a niche related domain name – this means the name is relevant to the niche your website is about but doesn’t have the exact keywords in the name.

Use WordPress

Most web hosts will have a control panel that allow you to install various content management systems on your site – WordPress is usually just a few clicks away and installs in less than a minute.

WordPress allows you to install themes to alter the look of your website in many many different ways. Once you have found a theme you like you can then install sample content to edit or start creating your own content from scratch.

Depending on your website, it’s advised you research the relevant keywords and find those that have lower competition to try and make it easier for your site to get organic search traffic. Check out the blog posts to find more on this.

Install WordPress from your hosts CPanel

Use niche specific WordPress theme

Install a SEO plugin of your choice (such as Yoast or RankMath)

Provide quality content relevant to niche related keyword research

Using Affiliate programmes

The code used to link from your own site to another website can contain what is known as affiliate tracking data – this allows the website you are linking to to to know it was you that sent the traffic their way and pay you a commission/fee for any products purchased/leads generated on their site.

Depending on your niche and the type of visitor you are targetting, you should be able to choose an affiliate program that matches your website. There’s no point running a free gifts website and running affiliate ads for a product that costs thousands of £££s but its also getting just 1 £500 sale than it is getting 100 £1 sales.

Choose relevant affiliate offers

Make sure the affiliate you want to promote is well known and trusted

Check the affiliate terms and make sure you don’t use methods to promote a link that’s not allowed – some don’t allow incentive links or mass mailing for example

Use an affiliate link tracker to track your clicks

Launching you website

Where it’s appropriate, make sure you use social networks to their full advantage. Some people even create adverts for their page to get more clicks – however, if you have created quality content and provided easy clear ways to share the content, you just need a few people to share to start the site going viral.

You may also find a similar website and look at the links pointing back to their site to get an idea if they use forums to get links, or if a lot of articles have been written mentioning their site etc…

Create quality shareable content

Provide easy ways to actually share the content

Use Social Networks to create an official page for your site

Look to see how other similar sites promote themselves