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About Me…

Martin Evans

My name is Martin and I am currently employed by Openreach Ltd as a network engineer. I work on and maintain both the fibre and copper telephone/broadband networks in Mid wales (and across the UK if need be).

I’ve been working online looking at the latest Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques, WordPress design, and HTML5/CSS too. As far back as 2011 I have also been working online looking at things such as affiliate marketing – one of my first success sites was ranking freeiphone4.co.uk for the term “Free iPhone 4” to #1 on Google and promoting an incentive website.

Martin Evans

I enjoy going to a variety of gigs and have a passion for both Music Photography as well as Landscape photography. If you would like to see some of my photos, please head over to martinevans.org and view my portfolio there.

Again, any questions, always happy to help…